Zee Dog Neopro Red Leash Small

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The Zee Dog Neopro Leash range was specifically built to last. Using a unique rubber overlay that protects the polyester Materials which makes it extremely weatherproof and easy to maintain. Simply rinse the leash with water for instant dirt removal making it look good as new.

Using super tough Materialss these leashes are made to last. A unique super hook contains a safety screw lock for extreme safety when walking your dog. Made from premium zinc-alloy and includes 360 degrees rotation.

- Super hook locks when you rotate the screw lock
- Rubber skull protects stitches for longer durability
- Made from soft and resistant teteron polyester

Size Chart

Leash Width  Leash Length
Extra Small_1cm   Extra Small_122cm
Small_1.5cm Small: 122cm
Large_2.5cm Large_122cm

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