Troy Protecta 100G

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Biting Insect Repellent and Antiseptic Cream with UV Protection For use as a repellent against flies and biting insects on dogs and horses and aid in short-term protection of skin around wounds from sun damage. DIRECTIONS FOR USE For external use only. Seek veterinary advice before using on ulcerated, weeping or infected wounds. If a skin reaction develops discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes. Apply a thin smear of cream to areas affected by flies and biting insects such as around the eyes, ears and base of tail or exposed skin around open wounds. Apply twice daily when infestations are severe. Avoid getting cream into animal’s eyes. NOT TO BE USED FOR ANY PURPOSE OR IN ANY MANNER CONTRARY TO THE DIRECTIONS UNLESS AUTHORISED UNDER APPROPRIATE LEGISLATION ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS 50mg/g DIETHYLTOLUAMIDE 50mg/g N–OCTYL BICYCLOHEPTENE DICARBOXIMIDE 12.5mg/g DI–n–PROPYLISOCINCHOMERONATE 2mg/g PYRETHRINS 1mg/g BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE 35mg/g OXYBENZONE 75mg/g OCTYLMETHOXYCINNAMATE WITHHOLDING PERIOD (HORSES)_NIL

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