Sundew Flea Control Vanilla 200G

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Sundew Flea Control Deodourising Household Flea Spray is formulated to control fleas on carpets and pet beddings. Sundew is a unique and effective flea treatment and home deodoriser that is safe for your dog, cat and family. It kills fleas before they have the chance to leap onto your pet so you can be rest assured that you are no longer sharing fleas and pet odours with family and friends. To prevent or treat fleas in your house, simply spray onto your carpet, pet bedding and furnishings for up to 30 days of control. Kills fleas and flea larvae Treats pet bedding, furniture and carpets Deodourises your house (vanilla or lavender) Fast acting Safe for pets and the family Up to 30 days flea protection Approved flea treatment Manufactured in Australia

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