Petkit Fresh Metal S/P Bowl M/L Coral

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  • This new technologically advanced smart bowl will have a valuable impact on you and your pet’s life!
  • This bowl is a design award winner and has been certified by numerous international institutions, such as the FDA
  • Not only is the bowl durable and hygienic, it can also accurately weigh the amount of food you place in the bowl for your pet’s meal
  • Via the PETKIT App it provides beneficial recommendations on the amount of food you should feed your pet
  • Through the App you will be provided with customised daily feeding instructions – suggested feeding is based on your pet’s weight, age and breed
  • The specific feeding instructions will make your pet healthier and happier
  • The PETKIT Activity Tracker is an additional benefit of the PETKIT App which can be used to track calorie consumption with calories burned, so you can accurately adjust the amount of food your pet needs
  • The weight of the food is displayed on a clear, rectangular 4 digit LCD screen – conveniently angled for you to easily read the data
  • The measured weight can be displayed in 4 different units - g/lb/oz/ml
  • Made from Antibacterial ‘BioCleanAct’ Materials which effectively prevents bacteria (such as e-coli) from growing on the bowl, reducing the chance of food contamination that can cause illness and diarrhoea
  • Functional and elegant bowl design with attractive colours, smooth surfaces and circular shape
  • The external surface of the bowl has a wraparound design that has an anti-overflow effect – preventing food from spilling when being poured
  • The feeding surface of the bowl is positioned with a 5ᴼ inclination angle that makes eating easier and more comfortable for your dog
  • Anti-skid base to prevent spillages and keep the bowl firmly in place
  • The base of the bowl is smooth and curved to help you clean the bowl easily
  • The metal bowl can be easily removed from the outer bowl surround and placed in the dishwasher – the outer cannot be washed in the dishwasher
  • Holds up to 1700ml of fluid and 750g of food
  • Made of corrosion-free and acid resistant Materialss - ABS polymer plastic and 304 stainless steel Materialss
  • Battery operated – bowl includes 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries (1.5V)
  • No power or charging required

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