Paw Essential 6 Spot On 0-10Kg 4Pk

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For smelly dogs who have a constant bad odour. For dogs with dry scaly skin. For dogs with a dull, dry coat. Essential 6® spot on is a unique blend of essential fatty acids & essential oils that reduces odour and moisturises dry skin and maintains coat and skin health. Available in a convenient spot-on pipette that is applied directly to skin it’s easy for pet owners to use without bathing their pets. Ingredients_Essential 6 has a unique combination of Omega 6 & Omega 3 essential fatty acids and essential oils that increase skin hydration and maintain coat and skin health, making it ideal for dogs and cats with dry skin, dandruff, oily coats or those who have a constant bad odour. Dosage_Initial dose is one pipette applied weekly for the first 8 weeks. Maintenance dose is one pipette every 2 weeks (after the initial 8 week treatment). Essential 6 spot-on should not be used 2 days before or after bathing. Essential 6 spot-on has not been tested in puppies under 3 months old.

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