Passwell Multivite For Animals 80G

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Wombaroo Food Products and the Passwell range bird foods are based on years of scientific research into the nutritional requirements of birds, mammals, marsupials and reptiles. Many of their formulas are used extensively in world class zoos and wildlife parks including Taronga Zoo, Adelaide Zoo, Currumbin Bird Park, Healesville Sanctuary, Territory Wildlife Park and Gorge Wildlife Park.

Multi Vite is a concentrated, water soluble, powdered supplement for birds containing 20 essential vitamins and minerals for improved health and wellbeing. Multi Vite is specially formulated to supplement birds when dietary intake is inadequate and is especially beneficial for breeding, growing or sick birds.


  • Powdered vitamin and mineral supplement for birds
  • Water soluble formula
  • Especially beneficial for breeding, growing or sick birds
  • Contains 20 vitamins and minerals essential to the wellbeing of birds

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