Optimum Cat Adult Tuna 2Kg

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OPTIMUM™ Adult  provides a nutritious balance of protein, vitamins and minerals developed for adult cats (1-8 years of age). It promotes strengthened immunity, healthy digestion and a shiny coat.

OPTIMUM™ Adult contains a unique blend of natural antioxidants plus vitamin C, E & taurine to help restore and replenish your cat's natural defence system for stronger immunity. The inclusion of arginine, taurine and Vitamin E has been specifically developed to assist in keeping the heart and blood vessels healthy.

OPTIMUM™ Adult with Tuna is available in 800g, and 2kg varieties.

OPTIMUM™ provides a nutritionally complete and balanced meal that your cat will enjoy everyday.

OPTIMUM™ Adult with Tuna is high in protein (34%), with real meat as the number 1 ingredient. Providing a nutritionally complete and balanced meal your cat will enjoy everyday.

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