Nutro Cat Adult Chicken 3Kg

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You want the best for your adult cat. And so do we. Our Adult Cat Chicken formula gives your cat complete, balanced nutrition for lifelong health. Real Australian chicken is the number one ingredient, providing 33% protein for strong muscles and a taste your cat will enjoy. Natural beet pulp fibre helps to ease the passage of ingested hair and reduce the incidence of furballs. Advanced antioxidants help to support a healthy immune system for the life of your cat, and a blend of Omega 6 Fatty Acid (Linoleic acid), B Vitamins and Zinc helps to give your cat soft, shiny fur. Your cat will be satisfied, and you_ll love the results. REDUCED LITTER BOX ODOUR_Formulated with high quality natural fibres, for digestive health, and yucca extract. A blend of which helps reduce the incidence of litter box odour ORAL CARE_Healthy teeth and gums are important for your pet. The mechanical action of chewing NUTRO kibble is a natural way to promote good oral health

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