Nexgard Spectra 15.1-30Kg 6Pack

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NexGard Spectra suitable for large dogs weighing 15.1-30kgs is designed to protect your canine companion from nasties including fleas, ticks, intestinal Wormers and heart worm for the entire month. Through using a unique formulation of active ingredients including Afoxolaner and Milbemcyin Oxime to provide month-long optimal protection killing both internal and external parasites on your dog. Nexgard Spectra Large Dog comes in a soft, tasty flavoured beef chew which your dog will enjoy while killing nasties.

Paralysis ticks can be lethal to your dog which is why Nexgard Spectra kills both ticks and fleas for the entire month while also protecting against many major Wormers including heartworm which can be fatal while also protecting against intestinal Wormers. Extra benefits include being unaffected by bathing or swimming and is safe to use in puppies over 2kgs from 8 weeks.

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