KONG Birthday Balloon Blue Large

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Perfect for birthdays or just-because-I-love-you occasions, the KONG Occasions Birthday Balloon dog toy is a festive and quirky indoor and outdoor toy that encourages interactive or solo play. The balloon features crinkle Materials and a squeaker for plenty of party noise-making fun that will keep your dog entertained and intrigued in the toy. Use the rope end to play tug with your pet and entice them to play by shaking the rope. You can also use the rope to fling the balloon toy for your dog to fetch or catch.

This dog toy is available in sizes Medium (Red Colour) and Large (Blue Colour).


  • Fun and festive balloon-shaped dog toy that’s versatile and great for indoor or outdoor play
  • Squeaker and crinkly Materials inside the balloon for plenty of noise-making fun to entice your dog to play with the toy
  • Thick and durable rope end that you can use for tugging play or to toss the toy far for your pet to fetch/catch
  • Helps combat boredom and keep your dog active

Sizes & Colours Available:

Medium – Red (8.89cm x 8.89cm x 15.24cm)

Large – Blue (11.43cm x 11.43cm x 19.68cm)

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