Fidos Rinse Concentrate Freitch 500Ml

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Indications •Contains the natural insecticide Pyrethrin for flea and tick control (including the paralysis tick) •Can be poured diluted onto the coat after shampooing with any of the Fido's shampoos •Widely used in hydrobaths DIRECTIONS FOR USE_Dilute before use; make up fresh solution before each use. Dogs, cats, puppies, kitten rodents. Mix 8mL/800mL ware water (40mL to 4L) and dip, swab, sponge or spray animal with this solution until thoroughly soaked avoiding contact with pet’s eyes. Allow animal to dry naturally; towel dry puppies and kitten to prevent chilling. For best results do not rinse off. Suggested treatment for continuous paralysis tick control is to rinse the animal according to the product literature once every three days. Zone control. Change bedding or spray with diluted solution and allow to dry; treat other areas frequented by the animal when necessary, diluted as above. Ornamental cage birds. Mix 2mL/200mL water in a clean pump spray and spray (fine setting) bird lightly all over, ruffling the feathers to allow spray to penetrate to skin. Avoid contact with pet’s eyes. Allow bird to dry naturally in a warm place to prevent chilling. Repeat as necessary.

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