Fidos Pyrethrin Shampoo 250Ml

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Indications •A permethrin based leave in rinse •Controls fleas and ticks on dogs •Controls flies and biting insects on horses •A mild formulation with a pleasant mint flavour •Can be used in hydrobaths DIRECTIONS FOR USE Spray_Obtain a trigger spray device. Add 10mL of Fido’s Permethrin rinse concentrate to every 400mL of water (or 400mL of methylated spirits if rapid drying is desired). Hold container approximately 20cm from coat, ruffling the coat while spraying, and check that adequate penetration and coverage is occurring. Spray entire animal but avoid eyes and mouth. Allow to dry on coat. Rinse_If using a shampoo, rinse suds off in clean water, then allow excess water to drain off coat. May be applied to a dry coat. A sponge assists application. Foaming of this product will not affect performance. Keep away from eyes and mouth. Repeat application as often as is required to control the symptoms in animals with insect bite allergy. Zone Control_To aid in the control of flea infestations, bedding should be changed or sprayed with this product and allowed to dry. Areas frequented by the animal should also be treated with this product (diluted) when suitable.

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