Divetelact Powder 375G

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Di Vetelact is a unique formula that is a nutritionally complete low lactose milk food which is designed for orphaned, rejected or early weaned animals. This product also provides nutrition for pregnant and lactating animals.

Containing only premium ingredients such as homogenised fats from plant oils, amino acids and naturally occurring glycomacropeptides and immunoglobulins which is beneficial in the healthy development of animals.

Feeding Guide:
- Dilution A:(foals, calves, kids, fawns) 1 scoop Di-Vetelact to 60mL warm water (for 1 Litre place 135g(15 scoops) to 900mL of warm water ) this delivers 2600kJ 
- Dilution B_(Lambs, native animals, rabbits, kittens, piglets & pups start on dilution 1 an gradually increase to Dilution B over a week) 1 scoop Di-Vetelact to 40mL warm water (for 1 Litre place 200g(22 scoops) to 850mL of warm water ) this delivers 4200kJ

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