Ceva Cophos B Paste Pot 250G

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ophos B is a phosphorus and Vit B12 supplement to buffer lactic acid and promote muscle function. ACTIONS Cophos B is a muscle buffer and muscle energy support supplement for horses in hard work. Phosphate is the major body buffer. Phosphate is essential for muscle function and oxygen transport, and is often deficient in diets. Phosphate/Vit B12 improves muscle energy supplies, endurance and power output. Phosphate/Vit B12 improves recovery after hard work. Phosphate/Vit B12 may help delay muscle fatigue. Phosphate/Vit B12 supplemented horses work harder for longer! Phosphate/Vit B12 supplies readily available, energy rich phosphate which is essential to muscle function and to buffer excessive lactic acid in body systems. In addition, COpHOS B provides Vitamin B12 to essential metabolic processes, and to maintain appetite. Phosphate is the major body buffer.

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