Balanced Life Adult Dry Chicken 2.5Kg

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Give your buddy the taste of raw and the ease & convenience of kibble with Balanced Life Enhanced Dry Dog Food With Chicken Meat Pieces. Based on the philosophy that dogs thrive on a diet high in meat content this protein rich formulation containing 60% animal based ingredients will have your buddies taste buds satisfied. With the mix of grain free dry kibble & complimented with air dried Australian hormone free raw chicken meat pieces & packed full of superfoods like alfalfa, coconut, cranberries & vitamins & minerals. Balanced Life Enhanced Dry Dog Food With Chicken Meat Pieces is formulated to provide optimal overall body health for your dog from natural sources like chicory root for prebiotic to assist digestive health & Selenium which provides a natural source of glucosamine to assist joint health. Balanced Life Enhanced Dry Dog Food With Chciken Meat Pieces provides a nutrient rich & high quality raw complete & balanced diet for your dog. Available in 2 sizes, 2.5kg & 9kg.

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