Aussie Dog Home Alone Jr

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The Aussie Dog Home Alone Junior is the perfect interactive dog toy for dog’s that need to be kept entertained while home alone. Whether your dog is destroying and chewing up your home, barking, or maybe just gets bored or suffers from separation anxiety, the Aussie Dog Home Alone will help.

The Aussie Dog Home Alone is a hanging bungee ball toy with an internal rattle and a durable loop for pulling. The ball also allows you to put food inside which rattles around and dispenses during play which will keep your dog very excited! This is mounted to a thick rope and bungee strap that springs back when pulled and released.

Simply hang up the Aussie Dog Home Alone Junior toy from a sturdy place like a tree or beam and watch your dog play tug of war for hours.

Other key features of the Aussie Dog Home Alone Junior include:

  • Safe & Durable, 100% Australian made!
  • Hanging bungie ball toy provides hours of tug o war fun in the yard while home alone.
  • Dispenses treats and rattles for extra stimulation.
  • Great for the dog that destroys the washing the plants or the backyard.
  • Helps prevent barking, boredom and separation anxiety.

Size_The Aussie Dog Home Alone Junior is suitable for dogs in the 5-10kg weight range. This includes; Fox Terriers, Jack Russells and other light framed medium dog breeds. Other sizes available are as follows:

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