Paw Complete Calm 300G

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Paw Complete Calm contain delicous kangaroo based chews that contain unique ingredients including Tryptophan (180mg per chew), B group vitamins and a large blend of multivitamins and nutrients that aid in the support and maintenance of general health and nervous function in your dog.

The main ingredient Tryptophan can be used to benefit dogs showing signs of:

  • Territoiral agression
  • Dominance agression
  • General anxiety driving changes (e.g. Separation anxiety, Travel anxiety)

Each tub contains approximately 60 chews. Dosing guidelines are as follows_for dogs 0-4kg give half a chew daily. For dogs 5-14kg give 1 chew daily. For dogs 15-29kg give 2 chews daily. For dogs 30kg+ give 3 chews daily.

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